Marketing and Sales Insights


New Products Assessment and Forecasting

Business development and licensing opportunities assessment needs effective research and insights. Most of the time, you will find yourself spending your critical resources digging for the right data, and spend less time in generating insights and making critical decisions. We will work with you to optimize your resources by providing the extensive due diligence necessary to effectively and quickly evaluate opportunities and reach go/no go decisions. Along with secondary research, we also help in quantifying the uncertainties and market dynamics in line with the product lifecycle by building forecast models and scenario models which you can leverage to start building your decision-making matrices.


Pipeline and Portfolio Strategy

With our critical portfolio assessment procedures, we advise you on creating a well-balanced and commercially viable product portfolio meant to attain your long-term strategic goals. Our services support timely pipeline investment decisions through effective scientific research evaluation, creation of discussion guides, decision trees and portfolio models.


Marketing and Sales Analytics

Besides the specific marketing analytics, we also help you in executing marketing, sales and other commercial effectiveness projects. For example, our customer segmentation analysis provides an understanding of distinct customer needs, attitudes (e.g. towards cost, innovation, mode of administration), potential, promotional preferences and buying processes. This is crucial for formulating an effective customer-focused brand strategy, marketing mix, optimizing sales force resource allocation and maximizing ROI in each segment.